Medien ANCIENT MOTHER ~ Robert Gass

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Ancient Mother, I Hear You Calling
Ancient Mother, I Hear Your Song.

Ishtar, Ceredwin, Hekate, Inanna, Isis, Artemis, Sophia, Athena, Coatilicue, Aphrodite, Mielikki, Astarte, Gaia, Sarawati, Kali, Pele, Pasowe, Demeter, Parvati, Hera, Akewa, Diana, Nidaba, Chicomecoatl, litlith, Shkina, Morgana, Maya, Izanami, Shakti.

Thank you Robert Gass for allowing your wonderful music here on youtube. I wish You good health, happiness and continued success!

Robert Gass "Sacred Union" music:

Song: Ancient Mother
Artist: Robert Gass
Album: Discovering Spirit in Sound Chanting

To Honor Our Mother Earth, I created this video with the aid of media on the Net. I used aprox.10 to 14 different film clips, half as many as Ancient Dawn which is four minutes and 21 seconds long. This is for Gaia because I love you so. Thank you for watching.

Flying Fish do not actually fly but they have immense capability of jumping out of the water and gliding through the air over considerable distances. Flying fish use their unusual flying talent to escape predators such as swordfish, tunas and other larger fish.

In addition to huge pectoral fins, four-winged flying fish also have enlarged pelvic fins used for gliding. In preparation for flight, flying fish swim quickly towards the water's surface and leap out of the water. Once they are out of the water, the fish use their large wing-like fins and the large lower lobe of their tail to glide through the air. The enlarged lower lobe of the tail acts like an outboard motor, the speedy sideways motion of the tail allows the fish to gain height from the surface of the water, and extend the flight time.

In order to glide upward out of the water, a flying fish moves its tail up to 70 times per second. It then spreads its pectoral fins and tilts them slightly upward to provide lift. At the end of a glide, it folds its pectoral fins to reenter the sea or drops its tail into the water to push against the water to lift itself for another glide, possibly changing direction.

Fish can glide as far as 100 metres and as high as one metre above the surface of the water, (3.28 feet equals one meter), but most flights are shorter. They average 7 to 12 in. (17.5—30 cm) in length. The California flying fish is the largest (seen in this film), measuring 18 in.(45 cm) in length.

In May 2008, a Japanese television crew (NHK) filmed a flying fish (dubbed "Icarfish") off the coast of Yakushima Island, Japan. The creature spent 45 seconds in flight. The previous record was 42 seconds.

Thank you to The Oceania Project and Oceanic Defense for their Whales and underwater film clips. Please visit their channels and subscribe:


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