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Analogue stop motion animation short film "Soleils Welt". Synopsis: Through an encounter with the unknown, the smallest of the town is able to change the world by gaining a new perspective and sharing it with everyone. Directors Statement The step over one's own limitations may help others to overcome theirs; and the encounter with the unknown does not only take us one step further into the world, but also closer towards ourselves. “Soleils World” is a short film that started out on a long journey of many years of creation and production, until it became realised by a dedicated team of professional musicians and graduate students of the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg in Austria, becoming the heart-work of all team members. Festivals and other Screenings: * Salzburg, Austria: World-Premiere; 28. March 2015 * Hallein, Austria: Creativity Rules; 03. June 2015 * Graz, Austria: Street Cinema; 02. August 2015 * Vienna, Austria: Tricky Women; 06. March 2016 * Dresden, Germany: Filmfest Dresden - International Short Film Festival; 14. April 2016 * Stuttgart, Germany: ITFS - Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film; 28. & 29. April 2016 * Berlin, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vienna: Worldwide Film Festival; 20 - 26. May 2016 * Weimar, Germany: Genius Loci Festival; 12-14. August 2016 * Salzburg, Austria: Future Shorts, 2016 * Moskau, Russia: Insomnia 2016 * Moskau, Russia: Ceiling 2016 * Bautzen, Germany: Sommertheater 2016 * Tokyo, Japan: Public screening at Asakusa Laboratory 2017 * Vienna, Austria: Kurzfiilmschau im Wiener Künstlerhaus 2018 There are still some screenings coming up this year 2018.

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